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 We Can, We Will, We are Shea High!  



Shea High School is located in the heart of Pawtucket, RI, and it is a true picture of America today, with over 52 countries represented and over 25 different languages spoken.  We are a very proud community that supports, encourages and loves all our students and works together to set them on a course for success. 



  • Shea's No Bully Statement

    Everyone Respects and Encourages Everyone, Everybody, Everyday


  • Seal of Bi literacy Success

    Earlier this week, 49 Shea students received their Seal of Biliteracy with 3 students achieving Gold scores! Way to go Raiders!

    They were all recognized at Shea Honors Night on May 24.

Shea Theater Performance

  • Almost, Maine

    Recently, students from Ms. Doyle's class performed the play Almost, Maine.  The play is a sweet, quirky, gem about love and the confusion and disappointments that may arise between couples! Endearing and engaging with many surprises! It will leave you laughing, crying and pensive.  Congrats to all involved!!


RI School of Design

  • RISD Field Trip

    Mr. Hewson's Global Studies classes visited the RISD Museum of Art, Friday, May 4th.  Students viewed art and artifacts from various cultures of the world past and present.



  • Shea Robotics Team in Detroit!

    Congratulations to Brendon Lorena, 2018 First Tech Robotics Dean List Finalist. This award recognizes the leadership and dedication of the most outstanding FIRST Tech Challenge students. Only 147 students from over 21 countries were nominated and selected for this award. Dean’s List Finalist are student leaders who have led their Teams and communities to increased awareness of FIRST Robotics, and have also achieved personal technical expertise and accomplishment. In recognition of his accomplishments, Brendon Lorena traveled to Detroit Michigan attend the 2018 FIRST World Championship, along with fellow teammates, Alec Goldberg, Charlie Salgado and Omar Martinez. They had an opportunity to network with peers, many colleges and universities and STEM Business/Industry leaders.


Shea High School Yearbook

  • Yearbooks On Sale!

    Keep the Memory Alive!!


    Class of 2018 yearbooks are on sale now! 


    The cost is $40.00. To order - see Ms. Farley in the library any Monday after school. 


    Send Your Best Photos for the Yearbook. Everyone can share images of the year with our yearbook staff. If you have great photos of a school event, or you and your friends just having fun, share them for consideration in the yearbook. 


     To upload photos, download the app. 

    Step 1 - Go to: images.balfour.com 

    Step 2 - Enter our project # 822113 

    Step 3 - Select and send photos!!

See Ms. Blair for more information!

  • After School Monday-Thursday


    Shea IMPACT Program





    Program fostering

    Academic Achievement, Community Engagement 

    Tools for Success


      JOIN US!!!



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Program of Studies

Shea High School Program of Studies

Please view the attached document to find the 2016-17 Shea High School Program of Studies.  The purpose of the Program of Studies is to  make sure that our students have a clear understanding of all course offerings and a thorough description of what each course will cover, as well as prerequisites for courses.  It is very important that our students and parents review the program of studies to make the right decisions for their individual path of study.  Please take a moment to review this document. 

Shea High School Program of Studies 2016-17

Step by Step Process for Student Scheduling in Skyward

Paula Seymour, RN

  • Welcome to the Nurse's Office





    Is It a Cold or an Allergy?



    Airborne Allergy




    General Aches, Pains



    Fatigue, Weakness



    Itchy Eyes

    Rare or Never





    Sore Throat



    Runny Nose



    Stuffy Nose







    3 to 14 days

    Weeks (for example,

    6 weeks for ragweed or grass pollen seasons)


    • Antihistamines

    • Decongestants

    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines

    • Antihistamines

    • Nasal steroids

    • Decongestants


    • Wash your hands often with soap and water

    • Avoid close contact with anyone with a cold

    • Avoid those things that you are allergic to,

    • such as pollen, house dust mites,

    • mold, pet dander, cockroaches


    • Sinus infection

    • Middle ear infection

    • Asthma exacerbation

    • Sinus infection

    • Asthma exacerbation

    Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Shea Fashion Show 2018

  • Afro Beauty


    Click the Link below to see pictures from Shea High School's Fashion Show, AFRO BEAUTY!












  • Shea High School Honors Night 2018
    Students were recognized by the Shea Community at the Annual Honors Night Ceremony held on May 24 in the Shea Auditorium.  

Summer is Coming...

  • Summer Reading Assignment


    10 AS Summer Reading

    Novel:  Students are required to read, The Pearl by John Steinbeck

    Assignment 1:  Keep a Double Entry Journal (See instructions and examples)

                         10 entries required

                         This will count as your first assessment for semester 1

                         Double Entry Journal

    Assignment 2: For this essay on The Pearl, you will choose, one of the following ideas and develop it into an organized, five paragraph essay. This will count as your first BENCHMARK for semester 1.   

    Choose a topic of interest from the options below:

    *Who or what is most responsible for the tragedy that Kino and his family experience?

    * Using evidence from the novel, trace Kino’s development from a man to animal to machine.  What is Kino at the end of the novel?

    *Trace the symbolism of the pearl throughout the novel.  What various things does the pearl symbolize? What does it mean to Kino at different stages of the novel?

    *Is Kino a hero or a fool?  Use evidence from the novel to support your position.

    DUE:  9/4/18

    12 AS Summer Reading

    Novel:  Students are required to read, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

    Assignment 1:Keep a Double Entry Journal

                          Minimum of 10 entries

                       Double Entry Journal

    Assignment 2:  Read, “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan.  

                            Complete all questions

    Assignment 3:

    Write a well-developed essay (at least 4 paragraphs) describing what you learned about the four mothers who comprise the Joy Luck Club.  Be sure to include information such as what you learned about Chinese culture, your first impressions of each character (you could also compare/contrast these characters) You must have specific details from the text to support your ideas in this essay.  

    DUE: 9/7/18   [email protected]


R is for RESPECT!

  • Spread the Word to End the Word

    Wednesday, March 7 was "Spread the Word to End the Word" Day!  Students stopped by to sign our Banner in the cafeteria pledging to support to end the use of the "R" word and promote the New "R" Word- RESPECT!

Teen Study Lounge

  • An Announcement from the Pawtucket Public Library

    The Pawtucket Public Library presents;

    "The Teen Study Lounge"


    Click the link below for more information!

    Teen Study Lounge Flyer.pdf

Shea High School Sports


    Upcoming Sports Events:


    Want info on upcoming games, practices, and results for all Shea sports?  

    Click the dancing Raiders below to get all the info you need.


Ms. Mallory Moniz, College Advisor

  • The College Advisor

    Mallory Moniz, the new College Planning Advisor for the 2017-18 school year,  is ready to help our students in many ways!  See her for help with any of the following:

    College applications
    Completing the FAFSA
    SAT/ACT Registration
    College essays
    Career Planning
    College tours

    Overnight programs

Attention Shea Alum!

  • Attention All Shea Alumni!


    We are trying to connect with graduates of Shea High School. 

    Please click the link below to take our survey if you are a Shea Raider. 

    Also, please share this link with anyone you know who is a graduate of our school. 

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse community determined to achieve our goals and realize our dreams through a commitment to learning, perseverance, teamwork, and respect.


  • Cape Verdean Association

    On May 15, members of Shea's Cape Verdean Association attended a screening of Professor Claire Andrade Watkins's film, Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican, a Cape Verdean American story. 



  • Greetings from Michelle Obama!

    Congratulations to our very own Destiny Monteiro...Shout out from Michelle Obama on Social Media!!


  • Friday, June 1, 2018

    Charles E. Shea High School Prom

    Renaissance Providence Hotel

    Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Division IV Unified Sports Basketball RI State Champions

  • We Are The Champions!

    On Sunday, May 6, our very own Unified Basketball Team became the RI STATE CHAMPIONS!

    Congratulations to our Shea Raiders!!! 


    Visit our Google Album to see more pictures!!



  • Destiny and Jowell are going to the Prom!!

    The lunch period was a exciting place to be on Thursday, April 26!  Destiny Monteiro, senior, "promposed" to Jowell DaSilva!  The even included a red carpet, sign and cheers from all of the Shea Family!